The Omira Approach

For decades, property developers have earned an industry reputation for being “sharks in the water,” concerned predominantly about their bottom line and far less about the people and the long term effects of their projects. We’re proud to be an entirely different kind of developer, creating, high-value opportunities for our stakeholders that not only look, but feel good every step of the way. 

Our holistic approach focuses on each member of the property ecosystem – the end buyer, investor, community and environment. Meticulous decision-making and thoughtful planning mean everyone benefits, and we can create harmony in the lives we touch.

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Property Investments
The Ultimate Investment Opportunity

We create homes and properties people simply love to live in.

Each of our projects are built on the foundation of integrity, trust, shared values and open communication. Our historical returns have always seen our investors achieve EXCELLENT returns in under 24 months. We will continue to deliver these outstanding returns and share in the success with our investors to ensure they come back, time and again.

We Think Long Term – Our relationships with all our investors, landowners, consultants and industry professionals are based on values of integrity and honesty and Omira enjoys a 100% track record of successful projects. We believe our reputation is only as good as our last project and we never rest on our laurels.

Property Development
Complete Development Management

Providing true confidence in the delivery of your project.

We have extensive experience and capabilities to manage all stages of your residential small-to-medium density property development process, from concept to through to completion.

Each stage of the development is carefully managed from day one to reduce any risks and ensure we MAXIMIZE profits from your time and investment. Omira has a habit of saving our investors from stress and doubts about making the right decisions throughout the development process.

Our services often begin with development feasibility studies, through to assistance on how best to sell your properties to achieve maximum return, offering continuous value and peace of mind throughout your development project.

Property Investments
Inspired Land Owner Collaboration

Collaborate with an experienced team who cares about your vision.

Property development can be a very rewarding experience when you have a clear understanding of the process and how the risks can be mitigated. We believe that a successful development requires a combination of experience, vision, honest communication and a clear understanding of our partner’s goals and drivers.

If you own a property that has development potential, but you’re unsure of where to start, please don’t hesitate to contact Omira Property Group. We are always open to working with landowners or investors to explore opportunities and creating new and exciting developments embedded with long-term value.

Omira Property Group

If it can be imagined, it can be created.

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